1961 Caramel Humpback Bench Front Seat Covers


Here are some new high quality Caramel seat covers for 1961 humpback bench front seat Mango & Sea Gull Gray 11 window Bus.

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Here are new high quality Caramel humpback bench front seat covers for 1961 Mango & Sea Gull Gray 11 window Bus.

The material, stitching, & padding on these covers is very close to how they were originally. You will not find a more correct or nicer quality product for your 1961 Bus anywhere.

In each kit you will receive the covers themselves, jute padding, cotton padding, & burlap. To do a proper install you will still need to get a new coconut hair pad for the lower spring sets.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 13 in


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